Qventus for Command Centers

Optimize resource utilization across the enterprise

Unlock new operational efficiencies by maximizing the value of your existing assets across the health system. Patient flow automation orchestrates real-time distributed collaboration so that organizations can rapidly achieve tangible outcomes.

  • Automate hotspot detection

  • Dynamically balance patient loads

  • Drive site and system collaboration

  • Standardize escalation pathways

Command and Control is neither scalable nor sustainable

Traditional command centers rely on walls of dashboards, significant human capital, and centralization of information in the hands of key decision makers. But this paradigm is not scalable and lacks adaptability and resilience, resulting in unnecessary patient harm and excessive waste of resources.

It’s time for a new approach.

It’s time to redefine how care delivery systems work: Qventus for Command Centers

New innovations in artificial intelligence and behavioral science enable health systems to anticipate issues and collaborate with frontline teams in real time to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

Bring intelligence and automation to your health system operations:

Create real time visibility at multiple altitudes

Gain complete situational awareness of real time and anticipated bottlenecks. Powered by predictive analytics, Qventus automatically surfaces patient flow and resource utilization issues that need to be addressed.

Engage frontline teams in real time to proactively resolve bottlenecks

Qventus automates key steps and nudges teams to work together to find available capacity, balance patient loads, and manage centralized resources.

Remove the subjectivity from escalations

Qventus hardwires escalation pathways and standardizes processes so that network resources can be quickly deployed to address bottlenecks.

From inception to outcomes

Our Expert Services team works closely with you to realize the ROI of your system operations investment. Qventus provides hands-on, tailored guidance centered on change management, organizational alignment, and process optimization to activate your Mission Control Center and deliver impact.