Qventus for Inpatient Units

Unlock capacity with sustained reductions in length of stay

Combine patient flow automation with proven methodology to achieve statistically significant length of stay improvements – accelerated or sustained throughout the lifetime of our partnership.

  • Prevent discharge delays

  • Reduce patient holds

  • Drive team collaboration

  • Improve patient experience

  • Up to 0.8 day decrease in LOS
  • 30% reduction in excess days
  • 30+ min / day saved per case manager
  • 2x increase in morning discharges

Finally, patient flow automation for discharge and capacity

Qventus applies artificial intelligence and behavioral science to optimize length of stay and resolve anticipated capacity bottlenecks in real time. Get ahead of supply and demand mismatches with predicted bottlenecks and barriers, automated orchestration workflows, and comprehensive tools to manage process variations and improve operational outcomes.

LOS Optimization

Reduce excess days

  • Multidisciplinary discharge rounding
  • Barrier resolution & analytics
  • Long LOS planning

Capacity Intelligence

Resolve anticipated bottlenecks

  • Proactive capacity management
  • Morning discharge management
  • Staffing to demand

LOS Optimization

Unlock capacity with reduced length of stay

Hardwire multidisciplinary discharge rounds with intelligence

Typical dashboards of open orders and barrier checkboxes make it hard to untangle what is truly a priority. Qventus combines evidence-based practices and AI to automatically surface key issues for teams to address days in advance of discharge.

Orchestrate barrier resolution through automation and embedded behavioral science

Machine learning intelligently prioritizes orders across inpatient units for radiology, therapy, pharmacy, and more. Collaborate in real time for urgent issues and reduce the manual back and forth, with behavioral analytics in the background identifying improvement opportunities

Drive changes that stick by holding teams accountable and celebrating wins

Scale leadership governance across units with automated issue escalations and continuous monitoring of process variations. Know which teams are slipping in discharge planning, which ancillaries are starting to back up, and which units to recognize for a job well done.

Quantify impact of your initiatives with statistically significant outcomes

Qventus data scientists use advanced statistical modeling to quantify the attributable impact of your initiatives on length of stay. Control for dozens of variables such as changes in case mix, patient volumes, the flu season, and more.

Capacity Intelligence

Resolve anticipated bottlenecks before they impact care

Situational awareness at every altitude

Gain complete situational awareness of real time and developing bottlenecks across altitudes. Powered by predictive analytics, Qventus mobilizes teams to get ahead of capacity gridlocks.

Avoid mid-day bottlenecks with consistent morning discharges

Identify morning discharges as part of your team’s standard MDR. With the care team aligned on which patients to focus on discharging before noon tomorrow, you can focus on addressing remaining discharge barriers today.

Adjust staffing to meet predicted demand

With line of sight into anticipated census across units, hospitals can proactively adjust staffing to meet patient census. Improve staff satisfaction with greater schedule predictability and fewer last-minute call-ins.

Maximize the value of your technology investment with expert services

The Qventus team of clinical operations experts and process improvement specialists works hand in hand with you to transform your patient flow operations based on proven methodology grounded in evidence-based best practices.

  • Define MDR pre-work

  • Script MDRs and align terminology

  • Leverage AI / ML to improve estimates

  • Develop morning discharge workflows

  • Establish barrier standard work