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Automate discharge planning processes to reduce length of stay

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  • Reduce costs

  • Create effective capacity

  • Decrease frontline burnout

  • Improve patient experience

  • Up to 1 day reduction in length of stay
  • 20-35% decrease in excess days
  • 80% fewer clicks during MDRs
  • 10x+ ROI for partners in 2021

Early Discharge Planning:
Key to Reducing Length of Stay

Today, operational inefficiencies extend length of stay and result in a significant number of excess days. These excess days lock up bed and staff capacity, delay patients from returning to their families, and cost the average health system millions of dollars each year.

Fortunately, research shows that early discharge planning reduces excess days by 1.2 days per patient. But all too often, discharge planning is ad-hoc and inconsistent. Multidisciplinary discharge rounds (MDRs) are ineffective and highly variable, making length of stay reductions hard to achieve — and even harder to sustain.

It’s time for a new approach.

Automate Early Discharge Planning &
Hardwire Proven Best Practices

The Qventus Inpatient Solution combines AI, automation, and behavioral science with leading operational practices to hardwire early discharge planning. Based on proven best practices, the solution uses machine learning and process automation to drive Highly Effective MDRs. Then, it automates care coordination steps and provides leaders with powerful analytics to drive changes that stick.

With Qventus clinical experts helping teams integrate the technology into discharge-focused workflows, health systems can achieve sustained reductions in length of stay and excess days, unlock effective capacity, and reduce frontline burden.


Highly Effective MDRs

Automate manual steps & reduce cognitive burden

AI & machine learning models learn from hospital operational patterns and analyze real-time EHR data to predict discharge date, disposition, and barriers to discharge specific to each patient. Combining probabilistic inference with process automation, Qventus autopopulates predictions directly into care plans when the models are highly confident, or makes recommendations for teams to confirm.

EBook: Learn MDR best practices

Automated Care Coordination

Break down silos to align teams toward a common discharge goal

Qventus watches care progression process steps and prompts action to support discharge. It drives automated care coordination workflows to resolve barriers, like prioritizing orders for ancillary services teams. As a result, ancillaries can complete orders in a timely manner, with fewer manual calls and interruptions to daily workflow.

Closed-Loop Accountability

Reinforce best practice behaviors and identify targeted improvements

Qventus allows leaders to close the loop and drive changes that stick. Its powerful analytics help leaders reinforce best practice behaviors, extend real-time support, and identify targeted improvement opportunities. Furthermore, it uses behavioral science principles to drive engagement, providing positive feedback when teams achieve goals.

Design Resilient Processes for Discharge Planning Best Practices

The Qventus Expert Services team of physician & nursing executives, PI leaders, and technical specialists work hand in hand with health systems to assess current state processes, design standard work, and integrate workflows into the Qventus platform. Implementing proven length of stay reduction methodology grounded in evidence-based best practices, Qventus helps you manage cultural, process, and technical change, reducing the burden of operationalization for your organization.

  • MDR implementation & scripting

  • Barrier resolution standard work

  • Escalation process design

  • Morning discharge consistency

  • Accountable governance structure