Qventus for Inpatient Units

Hardwire early discharge planning to drive sustained reductions in length of stay, create effective capacity, and reduce frontline burden

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  • Reduce costs

  • Create effective capacity

  • Decrease frontline burnout

  • Improve patient experience

  • Up to 0.8 day decrease in LOS
  • Tens of millions annual $ value per partner
  • 30+ min / day saved per case manager
  • 35 effective beds of capacity created for a health system

Technology + process codesigned to hardwire discharge planning best practices

Qventus combines AI, behavioral science, and process redesign to hardwire discharge planning best practices. The platform automates key steps for discharge planning, predicts barriers to discharge and orchestrates their resolution, and enables leaders to effectively manage accountability. Using a proven deployment methodology, Qventus’ Expert Services team of hospital and performance improvement leaders works with frontline teams to co-design resilient processes and drive change management.

Discharge Planning

Hardwire early discharge planning & accuracy

Automate key steps for discharge planning with process automation & AI

Analyzing millions of data points, Qventus uses process automation and AI models to auto-populate predicted EDDs and dispositions if the information is missing, automatically suggest updates throughout the patient stay, and predict barriers to discharge. With simple, frictionless workflows, Qventus makes it easier than ever for care teams to plan for discharge early.

Manage accountability at scale with statistical process analytics

To ensure new behaviors stick, Qventus uses statistical process analytics to help leaders enforce best practices across units. When rounding processes begin to slip, statistical engines automatically escalate issues to leadership, surfacing coaching opportunities and kudos that help leaders intervene in real time and reward top performers.

Barrier Management

Manage barriers for complex discharges through intelligent orchestration

Reduce the back & forth with ancillaries

When predicted barriers are confirmed by the care team, Qventus machine learning intelligently prioritizes orders across units for radiology, therapy, and other ancillaries. Automate the manual back & forth and collaborate in real time for urgent issues, with behavioral analytics in the background identifying improvement opportunities.

ICU Stepdown

Optimize stepdown to create effective capacity

Discover untapped opportunities for early stepdown

With one-third of ICU patients ready for stepdown 8-12 hours before the transfer order, Qventus uses machine learning to identify patients for stepdown earlier so that ICUs can create effective capacity, capturing 25% more patients for stepdown compared to care teams alone.

Curated Reporting & Analytics

Pinpoint greatest opportunities for reducing length of stay

Measure impact & drive continuous improvement

Qventus uses advanced statistical models to control for patient, hospital, and seasonal variables to evaluate attributable length of stay decreases, excess day reductions, and effective capacity created. Its robust data around top barriers driving excess days allows health systems to identify workflow adjustments and new process changes in a targeted, data-driven manner never before possible.

Design Resilient Processes for Discharge Planning Best Practices

The Qventus Expert Services team of physician & nursing executives, PI leaders, and technical specialists work hand in hand with health systems to assess current state processes, design standard work, and integrate workflows into the Qventus platform. Implementing proven length of stay reduction methodology grounded in evidence-based best practices, Qventus helps you manage cultural, process, and technical change, reducing the burden of operationalization for your organization.

  • MDR implementation & scripting

  • Barrier resolution standard work

  • Escalation process design

  • Morning discharge consistency

  • Accountable governance structure