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Best-Practice Solutions

Comprehensive methodology for delivering operational outcomes

Qventus Solutions are predefined bundles of software, best practice processes, and change management practices that address the most important operational issues within hospitals and health systems. Qventus Solutions deliver:

  • Proven Outcomes

  • High ROI

  • Efficient Deployments

It’s hard to create & sustain operational improvements

Historically, it’s been difficult for hospitals and health systems to deliver and sustain operational improvements. Enterprise systems such as EHRs and dashboards have traditionally not focused on operations. Performance improvement (PI) initiatives have typically generated initial results, but failed to sustain them over time because the processes have been manual and not hardwired within a system. And in the rare cases where operational software and processes have been deployed, lack of attention to change management has resulted in poor adoption.

A comprehensive new approach

Qventus Patient Flow Solutions change the game. Incorporating the deep experiences of our customers, clinical operations team, and industry experts, as well as evidence-based research, they provide everything necessary for organizations to create and sustain significant operational improvements:

  • Predefined machine learning models and software templates

  • Operational best practices created with industry thought leaders

  • Proven processes for driving change management

Predefined ML models and software templates

Qventus Solutions provide predefined software components that support best-practice operational processes. These components include ML models, rules, screens, nudges, metrics, reports, and more. By taking advantage of predefined content, you can deploy proven software and processes more quickly, whether you use them as-is or customize them to your organization’s specific needs.

Operational best practices created with industry thought leaders

Qventus Solutions include operational processes designed to take full advantage of intelligent software. These are not simply traditional lean processes, but rather new processes designed together with industry thought leaders that represent the best combination of PI, ML, and behavioral science. For example, MDRs can focus on predicted barriers to discharge, ancillaries can prioritize based on intelligent EDD, and management escalations can use real-time operational data. These processes can be deployed as-is, or can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Proven processes for driving change management

Our proven approach to change management has four themes that drive all activities: standard work, data backbone, product build, and sustainability. Additionally, each project has five phases organized around key gating activities: post-sale alignment; deployment infrastructure; closed-loop system design, build, and test; launch; and post-launch behavior reinforcement. This well-defined approach ensures that we effectively identify, escalate, and manage contingencies and interdependencies of the interrelated workstreams, ultimately yielding a smooth deployment process and effective change management.

Qventus solutions for real-time operations