Artificial Intelligence in Hospitals: 7 Questions with T.J. Senker MedStar Montgomery

September 14, 2017By: Qventus

T.J. Senker, president of MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, recently took time to talk with Qventus about the potential for artificial intelligence to have real impact on hospital operations. MedStar Montgomery, staffed by over 1200 associates, deployed the Qventus AI platform as part of a holistic falls prevention program in 2016. As president, T.J. Read More

Applying AI to Pharmacy Operations

September 5, 2017By: Victoria Holl

We hope you celebrated Labor Day weekend with BBQs, outdoor activities and time with friends and families. Here at Qventus we preceded the long weekend by announcing our collaboration with Sutter Health to focus on pharmacy operations.  Sutter Health is one of the top five large-health systems in the US. They will be using the Qventus’ artificial intelligence platform to better support patient’s pharmacutical needs and manage drug costs. Read More

Operational Challenges Should Never Impact Patient Care

August 30, 2017By: Qventus

Operation challenges should hinder care providers, have a negative impact on patient experience and cause of bottlenecks in the admittance and care processes. Read More

Treating the Reactive Culture in Healthcare

August 8, 2017By: Brent Newhouse

Healthcare, by nature, is very reactive. A patient may experience a symptom, a malady, or an accident, and the care team responds appropriately. But when you look closely at the operational path to delivering care - specifically, the sequence of care events, resources required, and workload on the system - you see patterns that are remarkably consistent. In fact, for the vast majority of patient encounters, the steps in care are quite predictable and can therefore be streamlined. Read More

Ransomware Alert: Why Hospitals Should Take Notice

May 19, 2017By: Qventus

The world took a pause on Friday, May 12, 2017, when a series of ransomware attacks compromised multiple organizations worldwide. By the end of the weekend, the list of impacted computer systems included a number of hospitals in the United Kingdom, Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica, FedEx, the Russian Interior Ministry, and several others. Read More

Big Data Insights from the Becker’s Hospital Review 8th Annual Meeting

April 28, 2017By: Victoria Holl

Make Data Work For You This past week, Becker’s Hospital Review held its Eighth Annual Meeting, inviting hospital executives, industry leaders, and vendors to join together and contemplate some of healthcare’s most pressing issues. Unsurprisingly, many of these sessions focused on ‘big data’. How big is ‘Big Data’? How do you learn from it? How do we extract valuable insights from it to positively impact patient care and improve the bottom line? Despite the industry’s drive to better understand the data currently being collected, there are no clear answers to some of these questions. Read More

Powering the Winds of Change: analyticsMD is now Qventus

March 1, 2017By: Mudit Garg

Today we’re proud to announce that we are officially changing our name from analyticsMD to Qventus. We believe this better reflects our company’s mission to streamline how healthcare systems operate and treat their patients. For months, our customers told us that analyticsMD doesn’t reflect all we do. We are more than analytics and we serve more than doctors. Read More

Hospital 3.0 in 2017 & Beyond

January 13, 2017By: Qventus

As I look ahead into the future of healthcare, I can’t help but draw comparisons to another huge industry undergoing a fundamental transformation — cars. Since the first Model T hit the roads in 1908, cars have been a complex piece of static hardware. Want a car that goes fast? Buy a Porsche or a Ferrari. Want a car that seats 7, buy a minivan. Want a car that is economical? Buy a Prius. Read More

analyticsMD is “Fierce” winning two prestigious industry awards

October 24, 2016By: Qventus

We are honored that our software solution has been recognized by 2016 Fierce Innovations Awards in Healthcare. Our analyticsMD decision OS platform won two awards: Best Financial/ Operations Solutions and Best New Product/ Service. The winners were selected a panel of CIOs from renowned U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems. “It’s a thrill to be honored Read More

Traditional Predictive Analytics VS. Closed Loop Analytics

August 10, 2016By: Qventus

Many health system and hospital leaders driven by trends such as value based incentives, frontline burnout, and focus on patient experience have realized the need to shift from a reactive to a more proactive environment where teams can get ahead of key bottlenecks in day-to-day operations. One of the ways leaders have tried to achieve Read More