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Automated Operations

A breakthrough new approach to transforming healthcare.

Hospital and health system executives today are operating in a challenging environment. Numerous factors, such as an aging population, industry consolidation, ongoing regulatory reforms, heightened consumerism, and disruptive new entrants, are creating significant pressures, including:

  • Margin pressures

  • Caregiver burnout

  • Patient dissatisfaction

In Need of a Breakthrough

But operational transformation is easier said than done. For example, despite significant investments in EMRs, dashboards, and lean performance improvement initiatives over the past two decades, Length of Stay has plateaued.

Complementing and Extending Your EMR

Fortunately, past investments in EMRs and lean PI initiatives established a solid foundation for new progress. Now, new innovations such as AI, behavioral science, and data science, which have been proven in other industries, are transforming healthcare operations. And predefined solutions ensure that all types of organizations can successfully deploy the innovative technologies and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Qventus: A Complete System for Transforming Healthcare Operations

Qventus provides the healthcare industry’s first complete system for transforming operations. It includes everything needed to deliver and sustain exceptional operational outcomes.


Expert Services

  • Governance
  • Process Design
  • Change Management

Team that helps you operationalize the technology, and that supports ongoing management to ensure continuous improvement.
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Best-Practice Solutions

  • Predefined Models & Templates
  • Operational Processes
  • Management Best Practices

Predefined software and best-practice management processes for improving operations in different care settings.
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Automation Platform

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Behavioral Science
  • Data Science

Software that integrates with your existing IT environment to identify and predict operational issues, orchestrate actions among frontline teams, and manage accountability.
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Integrates into existing infrastructure