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Introducing our most advanced OR
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Modernize OR Scheduling and Improve Day-Of Efficiencies with AI and Automation

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Today you have digitized case information and OR calendars; still relying on manual steps with a little needed personalization to drive engagement, improve OR utilization, and strategically grow cases.

Capacity Creation

ML-driven personalization: Personalized block release nudges and case length algorithms to improve access and scheduling predictability, immense value in releasing partial blocks
Robotic room optimization: Maximize capital investments that are locked up with non-robotic cases


Automated Time Outreach: Proactively offers available time to best-fit surgeons based on practice patterns, preferences and backfill goals
Timefinder: Prioritizes open time search results (for community surgeon schedulers too) in a google/ expedia search-based framework and aligned to system goals


Performance analytics: Tools needed to drill down to the granularity for objective discussions or to identify strategic opportunities (e.g. service line blocks, shared blocks, multi-surgeon cases, block re-allocations, etc.)
Market insights to capture market share: Curated claims insights (includes 310M+ covered lives) to shape demand

How It Works?

Creation &
  • Unlock additional OR capacity to do more of the cases you care about; helping more of the patients you are uniquely trained to help
  • Access your instruments and the OR when you need them
  • Find time in 10 seconds, book in 2 minutes so your patients can know when their procedure will be even before they leave your office
  • Real-time analytics support in the moment optimization for delays and cancellations, and create efficiency on the day of surgery
  • Access your market rank, understand referral trends, and uncover opportunities
  • Near real-time market insights previously only available to PE investors to support

See How the Most Advanced OR
Scheduling Platform Works

Why a Modern OR Scheduling Platform?

Representative results across selected implementations


  • 3+ Cases added per OR per month
  • $15M+ Annual revenue impact from case growth, per facility


  • 7+ Days increased lead time from proactive release
  • >50% Utilization of released blocks otherwise likely unused


  • 35% Robotic cases
  • 11% Decrease in non-robotic cases in robotic rooms


  • 7% More cases
  • 20% Fewer ORs

Representative Results Across Selected Implementations

of digital booking requests
receive a confirmed time
within 1 hour

reduction in calls
dropped from hold

fewer phone calls required
from the surgeon office

Industry-Findings Support The Case
For AI In The OR

Volume impact
of high engagement
with digital booking
source: Cornell University

Poorly engaged
surgeon scheduler


Highly engaged
surgeon scheduler

Qventus Perioperative Solutions

Module and Product Summary

Capacity Creation

Imagine… your schedulers automatically
receive personalized emails easily letting
them remove your unused block; allowing
to you keep your high block utilization

Please release my block

Grow OR Cases

Imagine… you or your schedulers automatically
receive personalized emails offering your best fit
based on practice patterns and past performance

Please release my block

Modernized Digital Booking

Imagine… find time in 10 seconds, book in
2 minutes – surgeries confirmed digitally
before your patient leaves the office. Reduce
human error, faxes and calls to get your time
in the OR