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Winning Strategies for Unlocking Perioperative Growth Using AI and Automation

If you’re like most hospital and health system leaders, you’ve probably tried all the traditional approaches for growing your perioperative business — yet it remains a zero-sum game accommodating requests for OR access while trying to simultaneously grow volume.

In this webinar, discover how leading systems are driving a new, win-win strategy to grow strategic service lines, maximize OR utilization, and gain a new competitive advantage in the market by using AI, machine learning, and behavioral science.

Join Jane Peck, COO and VP Clinical Service Lines at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, and David Atashroo, MD, Director of Perioperative Solutions at Qventus, to learn about this breakthrough new approach proven to strengthen the bottom line.

In this session you will learn how to: 

  • Add 1-2 cases per OR per month
  • Release unused blocks weeks in advance
  • Improve staffing predictability
  • Reduce manual work for your OR teams
  • Increase access for your patients and community

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  • Jane Peck

    Saint Luke's Hospital COO & VP Clinical Service Lines
  • David Atashroo

    MD Qventus Chief Medical Officer, Perioperative
  • Anthony Moorman

    Qventus Director of Solution Marketing