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Powering a closed-loop system that transforms operations

Going beyond point solutions and ad hoc process initiatives, the Qventus Platform provides a comprehensive set of technologies for driving continuous operational improvement. It integrates with your existing infrastructure and provides all the technologies required to create a closed-loop system for managing operations. This comprehensive system allows you to:

Closed-Loop System for Managing Operations

Qventus provides the healthcare industry’s first comprehensive, closed-loop system for managing operations.

Identify issues.

Managing operations requires the ability to identify and predict issues, whether in the past, present, or future, before they occur. To do this, you need a variety of technologies, including integration with EHRs and other systems, sophisticated data analytics, AI and machine learning for real-time identification and prediction, and situational awareness capabilities for real-time visibility at multiple organizational levels.

Orchestrate actions.

But identifying issues alone isn’t enough. You also need to be able to help frontline teams and ancillaries take steps to address or avoid the issues. You can reduce the cognitive burden on teams and decrease process variability by hardwiring processes. Doing so requires technology for real-time communication and collaboration between departments, last-mile integration, prioritized task lists, and in some cases complete automation of key steps. Additionally, habit formation techniques like nudges and rewards help ensure that the processes stick.

Platform includes: habit formation...

Manage accountability.

Finally, to drive continuous improvement, you need to manage accountability across teams. This means identifying when a process isn’t working — both over time and in real-time — and taking action to correct course. The technology required to do this includes sophisticated data science analytics, such as statistical outcomes analyses, as well as automated escalation pathways to ensure critical issues are being surfaced to managers in real-time.

Pathways include Escalation pathways...

Robust Infrastructure for Machine Learning Development

The Qventus platform includes a sophisticated data / ML infrastructure for training, optimizing, and maintaining models for your unique hospital environment.

Unlike approaches which use generic ML models, the Qventus platform enables models to be trained on your specific data and tailored to your patient population and operational workflows.

In addition to supporting custom models, the infrastructure reduces the model development and maintenance workload for your data science team — or eliminates the need for an in-house data science team altogether.

EMR & other IT systems
Data integration pipeline
Machine learning pipeline

Sophisticated Analytical Engines

Analytical engines combine AI, behavioral science, and data science to solve key operational problems for different care settings.

Reduce frontline burden through automation

AI-based algorithms automate manual processes such as predicting EDD and discharge barriers for inpatient units, and surges in the ED. These engines use a library of ML models to predict issues before they occur and power real-time orchestration workflows to address or avoid the issues.

Embed behavioral science to drive workflows

The engines hardwire the concepts of behavioral science into processes, driving and influencing desired actions and behaviors at the individual and organizational levels.

Monitor process variations for targeted action

Sophisticated statistical analytics run in the background and detect process variations. The engines automatically suggest actions when processes slip, and can also identify opportunities for positive reinforcement.

Monitor Process Example

Intelligence Embedded Into Easy to Use Applications

Simple, easy to use applications feature a modern design with embedded intelligence for driving workflows and uncovering insights.

The Qventus Platform includes a range of user applications with embedded intelligence and workflows across both web and mobile platforms.

ML model outputs are typically not surfaced directly to end users. Instead, Qventus delivers prescriptive recommendations that clearly communicate specific or suggested actions for end-users to take. This makes it easy for users to understand what to do next to address or avoid operational issues, reducing the cognitive burden on frontline teams.

Extend the Value of Your EHR & Other Systems

Qventus integrates with existing IT environments, including EHRs such as Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and Meditech, as well as other enterprise systems and devices. By providing new capabilities — AI, behavioral science, and data science within the Platform, as well as Patient Flow Solutions and Expert Services — Qventus allows you to complement your current IT environment and extend the value of your existing systems.

Flexible, Cloud-Based Platform Drives Lower TCO

The Qventus Platform has been designed for flexibility, so you can easily adapt and address new operational opportunities over time. The platform can be applied to different operational challenges within different care settings, such as inpatient units, the ED, and perioperative units, as well as system operations. It empowers frontline innovation, since teams can easily add or change workflows, or conduct new analyses, on the fly.

The Qventus platform is SOC 2 certified, demonstrating the highest level of compliance with respect to security, reliability, and privacy.

And because it’s a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) platform, you automatically get upgrades as they happen, and there’s no ongoing maintenance burden on your IT team. All of this results in lower total cost of ownership.

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Eliminate IT maintenance burden

  • Simplify ongoing customization

  • Comply with industry standard security