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Qventus Expert Services

Your partner for operational transformation

Implementing software alone is not enough to ensure operational transformation. You need a partner with proven experience in managing complex projects and delivering outcomes, as well as a team that will work closely with you on change management — both for the initial implementation and ongoing management. The Qventus Expert Services team has you covered, providing:

  • Expert Resources

  • Proven methodology

  • Consulting-grade analysis

Expert Resources

The Qventus Expert Services team consists of physicians, nurses, performance improvement experts, technology implementation specialists, and customer success professionals who have deep expertise in delivering operational transformation with Qventus.

Additionally, because every hospital and health system has different levels of resource availability, Qventus can partner with third parties to further augment your IT and project management resources.

Partnership Model

The Expert Services team conducts intensive on-the-ground engagements to customize software and processes for each customer’s specific needs. The team follows a waterfall model, complete with gating activities that we and our customers align on at the beginning of the partnership. This approach ensures that we effectively identify, escalate, and manage dependencies of interrelated workstreams, ultimately resulting in a smooth deployment process.

Proven Methodology

We use a proven methodology consisting of five phases and four themes.

Project Phases:

  • AlignmentEstablish alignment around project governance and resourcing
  • Deployment InfrastructurePerform organizational assessment for project requirements, and complete data integration
  • Closed-Loop System Design, Build, and TestFinalize the design, complete feature build, and perform UAT (includes preliminary models)
  • LaunchTrain users and launch solutions on an iterative bases (e.g., unit by unit)
  • Post-Launch Behavior ReinforcementEnsure ongoing engagement

Project Themes (type of functional work):

  • SustainabilityActivities related to organizational alignment, project infrastructure development and management (charter and governance), launch, and ongoing success
  • Standard WorkDesign of all standard work required to support the deployment of technology
  • Product BuildBuild/test/development of all product-based items, including Data Science-led models
  • Data BackboneData acquisition, integration, and validation

Consulting-grade Analysis & Deliverables

As part of each implementation, the Expert Services team provides consulting grade analysis and deliverables, such as: