Perioperative Solution

AI and automation to optimize OR access, grow strategic case volume, and reduce workload intensity

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  • Proactively Release Unused Blocks Weeks in Advance

  • Improve OR Utilization

  • Accelerate Case Growth

  • Improve Surgeon Alignment

  • Accelerate Achievement of Strategic Goals

  • $10m+ revenue opportunity per facility
  • 2+ cases added per OR per month
  • 7+ days lead time added

Industry Challenge

Leading ORs is demanding, given multiple competing priorities and stakeholders.

  • Established Surgeons with block time are often using only a portion of the time they have reserved, and when they decide to release unused time, it’s often at the last minute.
  • Newer Surgeons are constantly requesting more OR access, and if they cannot be accommodated, will likely take their cases to a competing health system.
  • OR Teams are responsible for filling last-minute releases of OR time and engaging high-priority surgeons to get them the access they need, constantly making phone calls and juggling multiple screens in the EHR.
  • System Leadership is depending on a high functioning and profitable perioperative business to fund necessary investments and hit high priority strategic growth objectives.

It’s time for a new approach.

Qventus Solution

The Qventus Perioperative Solution solves these challenges using modern innovations in automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral science. The Perioperative Solution consists of three integrated modules focused on increasing access, accelerating growth, and delivering actionable insights.

Access: Increases available OR time by intelligently identifying and incentivizing release of anticipated unused blocks.
Growth: Strategically grows case volume with automation that offers optimal OR times to high- value surgeons.
Insights: Drives continuous improvement using statistical process analytics that surface actionable insights for surgeons and OR teams.

Qventus Perioperative Solution

Module and Product Summary

Module: Surgical Access

Block Release: ML models predict with high confidence which blocks are unlikely to be used months in advance.

  • The Qventus automation engine automatically engages surgeons and schedulers to incentivize proactive release weeks in advance of auto-release.

  • Behavioral Science informed nudges automatically surface relevant data and incentives for surgeons to encourage full or partial release of block time.

Module: Surgical Growth

Available Time Outreach: Automatically offer time directly to surgeons predicted to be the best fit based on practice patterns and past performance.

  • ML models continuously calculate a fit score for all surgeons for all available open time and automatically offer slots to the best-fit surgeons.

  • Additionally, the algorithm prioritizes the achievement of health system strategic objectives such as: growing targeted service lines, improving robotic utilization, and decanting low acuity volume to a community setting.

TimeFinder: Further increase access for surgeons by offering an intuitive interface for prioritizing and requesting available surgical slots.

  • Enables employed and community physicians and their schedulers to view relevant OR time in seconds, all without logging in to the EHR.

  • Populates wheels-in to wheels-out case length ML prediction based on the surgeons past surgical performance.

Module: Surgical Insights

Opportunity Finder: Highlight opportunities for coaching and kudos for surgical stakeholders and measure performance improvement and ROI in real-time.

Surgeon Practice Insights: Increase physician engagement by offering surgeons the insights and feedback they need to improve operative efficiency and grow case volume of their practice.