Qventus for PeriOperative Units

Optimize operational efficiency, deliver the best surgical experience

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Harness the power of predictive analytics and real time automation to simplify operations and deliver a best-in-class provider experience

  • Increase OR volume

  • Optimize OR utilization

  • Reduce case delays and holds

  • Delight surgeons & staff

  • Empower supply stewardship

Optimize perioperative operations with automation and intelligence

Qventus goes beyond block optimization to drive operational efficiency and elevate the surgeon experience. The Qventus platform applies AI, behavioral science, and predictive analytics to engage stakeholders across the hospital to anticipate and resolve bottlenecks before delays disrupt schedules, stall patient flow, and frustrate staff. The result: optimized utilization of ORs, fewer costly holds, and a better provider experience.

OR Access Optimization

Match latent capacity to unmet demand

  • Improve utilization of OR time by automating prediction and recovery of unfilled blocks weeks in advance
  • Recruit net new surgical volume by automatically matching surgeons to available block time they are predicted to want
  • Update block allocations to align with evolving practice patterns through data-driven recommendations as surgeons’ needs change

Dynamic Flow Orchestration

Streamline patient flow from pre-op through discharge

  • Resource the right ORs and inpatient units with the right staff to meet predicted surgical demand and avoid frustrating delays
  • Orchestrate across perioperative and inpatient units to proactively overcome predicted case overruns, turnover delays, and PACU bottlenecks

Provider Engagement and Experience

Empower surgeons with tools to simplify their operative days

  • Stay ahead of the day as Qventus analyzes thousands of process steps to coordinate surgeon and staff updates as events unfold
  • Improve on-time starts, reduce case overruns, track PI initiatives, and more with a transparent set of on-demand metrics teams can trust.

Supply Stewardship

Reduce variance in your supply management

  • Identify drivers of supply costs and specific areas of variance through robust visual analysis and tailored insight delivered to frontline providers
  • Automate detection of missed implants for reconciliation before they impact charge capture and patient safety

Expert Services to Maximize the Impact of Your Technology Investment

Qventus provides implementation, solution architecture, and change management support for hospitals to engage surgeons and staff to anchor changes for long-term sustainable results. Our expert services team partners closely with frontline staff, managers, executives, and PI teams to optimize existing lean processes and identify new opportunities for improvement.