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Elevate Perioperative Growth with Surgical Scheduling Optimization

Harness the power of AI and perioperative analytics to streamline your surgical scheduling, unlock greater operating room access, and maximize utilization rates.

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  • Proactively Release Unused Surgical Blocks Weeks in Advance

  • Optimize OR Utilization and Scheduling

  • Accelerate Case Growth

  • Improve Surgeon Alignment and Satisfaction

  • Maximize Robotic Utilization

Operating Room Utilization Challenges

For most health systems, managing their ORs is chaotic, reactive, manual, and outdated. Common challenges include:

  • Poor Surgical Block Time Utilization
  • Procedure Scheduling friction
  • Inefficient manual processes
  • Limited Robotic access
  • Reactive growth strategies
  • Staff burnout
  • Lack of visibility into your market
  • Gaps in performance reporting

It’s time we optimized OR management for the 21st century.

The Qventus Perioperative Solution

The Qventus approach tackles the challenges of optimizing, forecasting and automating OR scheduling and utilization processes by integrating with your EHR and layering on billions of claims data points. Powered by automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral science, our algorithms predict which block time slots will or will not be utilized, intelligently nudge surgeons to release unused time, and proactively recommend best-fit cases to fill open time based on surgeon practice patterns, health system priorities, and more.


Exceptional Outcomes

With Qventus, leading ORs have been able to significantly enhance:


  • 3+ cases added per OR per month
  • $15m+ Annual revenue impact from case growth, per facility


  • 7+ Days increased lead time from proactive release
  • >50% Utilization of released blocks otherwise likely unused


  • 35% Robotic cases
  • 11% Decrease in non-robotic cases in robotic rooms


  • 7% More cases
  • 20% Fewer ORs


The New Perioperative Growth Playbook: Six Winning Strategies Using Automation

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How The Qventus Perioperative Solution Helps

Features of Our Scheduling Optimization and Analytics Tool

Feature: Enabling Schedule Access & Engagement

Block Release: ML models predict with high confidence which blocks are unlikely to be used up to a month in advance.

  • The Qventus automation engine automatically engages surgeons and schedulers to incentivize proactive release weeks in advance of auto-release.

  • Behavioral Science informed nudges automatically surface relevant data and incentives for surgeons to encourage full or partial release of block time.

Please release my block

TimeFinder: Further increase access for surgeons by offering an intuitive interface for prioritizing and requesting available surgical slots.

  • Enables employed and community physicians and their schedulers to view relevant OR time in seconds, all without logging in to the EHR.

  • Populates wheels-in to wheels-out case length ML prediction based on the surgeons’ past performance, CLE trends at the surgeon and department level, time of day, and more.

Feature: OR Utilization & Case Growth

Available Time Outreach: Automatically offer time directly to surgeons predicted to be the best fit based on practice patterns and past performance in order to grow case volume and increase OR utilization.

  • ML models continuously calculate a fit score for all surgeons for all available open time and automatically offer slots to the best-fit surgeons.

  • Additionally, the algorithm prioritizes the achievement of health system strategic objectives such as: growing targeted service lines, improving robotic utilization, and decanting low acuity volume to a community setting.

Feature: Perioperative & OR Analytics

The OR Insights suite has personalized, persona-based products designed to enable key stakeholders in the OR to better understand performance and drive proactive improvement.

  • Surgeon Insights: Empower surgeons with insights and feedback they need to improve operative efficiency and grow case volume of their practice through referral and market data available exclusively from Qventus.

  • Executive Insights: Understand system performance from the highest level, down to specific service lines, with added context from recent market data to explain monthly volatility and performance shifts.

  • OR Leader Insights: Highlight opportunities for coaching and kudos for surgical stakeholders and measure performance improvement and impact in real-time.

Feature: Growth & Market Insights

Identify growth opportunities in near-real-time with Insights powered by longitudinal claims data, exclusively available from Qventus.

Market Insights enables surgeons and health system leaders to:

  • Automatically identify high-potential referral sources

  • Identify and understand current market position by procedure

  • Understand volume volatility in the context of overall market shifts

  • Identify opportunities to align with surgeons who are splitting cases

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