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Qventus for Command Centers

Drive systemness & operational efficiency across the enterprise

Combine new innovations in artificial intelligence with industry-leading operating models to maximize existing enterprise resources, improve patient flow, and reduce frontline burden.

  • Optimize asset utilization

  • Improve throughput

  • Enhance patient experience

  • Decrease cognitive burden

Reactive, Siloed Operations are Holding Us Back

One hospital overwhelmed with patients while another sends home on-call nurses. Constant competition between hospitals — even within the same health system — for limited SNF beds. Hours spent combing through outdated dashboards to find bottlenecks holding up boarders and discharges across the enterprise.

Even as individual facilities optimize operations within their four walls, health systems still lack effective mechanisms to gain situational awareness, distribute demand, and prioritize resource needs. With the pandemic accentuating the need to achieve systemness, health systems continue to struggle to accommodate outside transfers, balance uneven patient loads, and manage post-acute care availability.


It’s time for a new approach.

Create Visibility & Optimize Resource Utilization Across the Enterprise in Real Time

Qventus combines unique expertise in AI, behavioral science, and operations management to help health systems drive greater systemness for patient flow operations. With the Qventus Inpatient Solution focused on hardwiring discharge planning best practices to reduce length of stay within individual facilities, the Command Center Solution extends the benefits of these practices to the system level, allowing health systems to intelligently distribute demand, effectively optimize care progression, and strategically manage post-acute placements.

Capacity Intelligence

Create situational awareness & predict bottlenecks across the enterprise

Gain system-wide visibility across multiple altitudes

Qventus provides real time situational awareness at each level of the enterprise. Using sophisticated machine learning models, Qventus empowers command centers with key information to predict demand and prioritize resource needs across the system.

Pinpoint prescriptive, actionable opportunities to resolve issues

Qventus automatically detects predicted bottlenecks and “nudges” teams across sites to resolve them. This reduces noise and cognitive burden for staff by removing the manual work of combing through dashboards, triaging alerts, and coordinating across sites.

Intelligent Demand Distribution

Load-balance demand across facilities

Optimize enterprise throughput with effective balancing of patient demand

Using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning models, Qventus uncovers opportunities to load-balance patients across facilities. Putting the right patient in the right place at the right time, health systems can reduce boarding time, decrease diversions, and expand patient access.

Care Progression

Optimize discharge and barrier management

Extend support to frontline teams for on-track discharge

Qventus hardwires escalations to Command Centers when units need support to meet discharge targets. With visibility into available resources across the enterprise, Command Centers can effectively deploy needed help to resolve barriers before they extend length of stay or impact morning discharge goals.

Post-Acute Triage

Strategically manage capacity through centralized post-acute care placement

Effectively prioritize post-acute placement needs through a centralized approach

With early discharge planning hardwired through the Inpatient Solution, Command Centers can effectively prioritize patients across facilities for post-acute placement to reduce length of stay and strategically open capacity within individual facilities. This coordinated approach not only reduces competition within the system for limited post-acute beds, but also decreases burden for frontline care teams.

Services for Enterprise-Wide Transformation

Our Expert Services team works hand-in-hand with health systems to drive transformation across the health system, from laying process foundations at the facility level to extending workflows to the Command Center. With deep operationalization expertise, our team of former physician & nursing executives, performance improvement leaders, and hospital operations experts collaborate with you on new process design, governance, and change management to help you drive results.

  • Current State Assessment

  • Standardized Metrics

  • Governance Model

  • Standard Work Design

  • Workflow Mapping

  • Resource Planning