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Qventus Way 2017: Start with Empathy

Tis the season at Qventus! Keeping with the holiday spirit, we celebrated our customers during our annual customer event, Qventus Way. Teams across North America joined us in San Francisco to learn from each other and spread a bit of merriment. After reflecting on our lively discussions, workshops, and team activities, a few key takeaways rose to the surface.


Start with empathy. Qventus, along with other leading health systems such as Kaiser, MedStar, and Mayo Clinic use an approach to problem-solving called design thinking. Using rapid experimentation for innovative solutions, design thinkers start with empathy to understand users and the challenges they face. A few ways you can start the journey:

  • Have you gone through your department or facility as a patient?
  • Is there an opportunity to shadow a colleague’s role (a nurse, a department director)?
  • Can you conduct interviews of those affected by challenges you’re discovering?


Plan for the human side of change. While new tools to enable real-time action are transformative, there is a human component to changing behavior and achieving team or department goals. To ensure sustainable change, here are a few key components to consider:

  • Identify 4-5 things you feel strongly about in your work. What percentage of your time was spent on those in the last 2-3 months?
  • Shape or understand the vision for the project. Where are we heading and why?
  • Enfranchise an executive sponsor who can drive mobilization and accountability. What challenges can they help overcome?
  • >How much time have you spent focused on thanking staff members? Is there an opportunity for gratitude rounds with staff?


Employ best practices for Qventus implementations. When deploying a new technology or introducing the technology to new teams, certain preparatory steps can lead to a successful deployment. Consider a few listed below:

  • Communicate cross-functionally: Looping in these stakeholders is key to aligning goals and working together as change affects many roles and teams throughout a department or organization.
  • Engage your IT team: Creating a project plan with IT teams, including regular check-ins, ease the process of extracting and validating data.
  • Start with Why: Communicating the vision and goals of the project in advance of go-live will drive adoption and engagement from users.


We’re excited to bring you more information on these topics in early 2018 as we launch our new webinar series. The series will provide information to equip customers with tools and tactics to implement change, increase speed to value with the Qventus tool, and provide professional development. Stay tuned!

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