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Case Study Video

M Health Fairview

Transforming Operations System-wide

M Health Fairview is an 11-hospital, integrated academic health system based in Minnesota with a mission to deliver breakthrough care.  But operational challenges were holding the system back from fully delivering on their brand promise to patients and communities.

In the past, M Health Fairview’s hospitals operated in individual silos, and they relied on the manual efforts of frontline teams to compensate for operational inefficiencies. Leadership knew they needed to improve operational reliability and decrease the complexity for care teams and patients.


“Healthcare is facing a critical transformation moment.  Our belief is that with better operating capabilities we can unleash the full potential of our incredibly talented individuals.”
–James Hereford, President & CEO


By turning to Qventus as a strategic partner, M Health Fairview transformed their operations system-wide, deploying the Qventus Inpatient, ED, Command Center, Perioperative, and Covid-19 Solutions.

Now, inpatient care teams use Qventus to guide daily care progression huddles, which are standardized across the system.  To reduce manual work and simplify workflows for early discharge planning, Qventus’ machine learning models predict estimated date of discharge and suggest barriers to discharge, for example.


“The machine learning that Qventus gives us is amazing. The estimated date of discharge prediction is something we never thought we’d be able to have at our fingertips.”
–Sameer Gupta, MD, VP of Medical Affairs


Prior to Qventus, M Health Fairview set a system-wide goal to increase morning discharges, but leaders began to “despair” that they could ever reach their goal due to the complexity of operations.

With Qventus, M Health Fairview has achieved significant improvements in patient flow that unlock valuable capacity, including:


•   0.5-1 day reduction in length of stay (LOS)

•   5-7x increase in discharges before 11am

•   1 day decrease in LOS variance


To drive greater systemness, M Health Fairview also deployed the Qventus Command Center Solution that provides real-time visibility of patients and capacity across the system. Qventus’ Expert Services team partnered with M Health Fairview to design governance and workflows that integrate with the technology.

Using Qventus’ AI and machine learning, system-level and hospital-level teams now collaborate to proactively address patient flow bottlenecks to avoid overcrowding in the EDs and even balance patient loads across hospitals.


“When I think about M Health Fairview’s vision of becoming one of the top academic health systems, you can’t get that without a partnership like we have with Qventus.”
–Laura Reed, DNP, MBA, RN, COO & Chief Nursing Executive


M Health Fairview continues to leverage the Qventus real-time operations system as a platform for further innovation, now addressing access and growth in perioperative settings across the system.

By decreasing the complexity of the clinical environment and giving frontline teams new tools that make their jobs easier, M Health Fairview today has stronger operational reliability that enhances their ability to provide the highest quality of care for their patients and communities.