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Qventus Deploys COVID-19 Solutions to Help Hospitals Mitigate Surge

Qventus technologies are helping health systems meet immediate COVID-19 challenges and prepare for post-COVID resource strains

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California — Qventus, the leader in AI-based patient flow automation systems, today announced its COVID-19 solutions that are being used across health systems to plan for and mitigate the pandemic. The cloud-based solutions are equipping incident command centers with advanced predictive planning and capacity creation capabilities, and are available immediately for new clients to deploy within weeks. Together, these solutions allow health systems to address each phase of the pandemic, from immediate planning, to short-term interventions, through longer-term transformation.

“As we work with leading health systems, two common themes emerge: the need to plan for and get visibility into the current status of critical hospital resources, and the need to free up these resources — to create ‘virtual’ capacity — to mitigate the impacts of a surge in demand,” said Mudit Garg, co-founder and CEO of Qventus. “These capabilities are proving to be essential during the COVID-19 outbreak, and will remain important as systems manage through the uncertain environment that will occur with the removal of social distancing, resumption of elective surgeries, flu season, and potential seasonal resurgence of the coronavirus.”

The four Qventus solutions are:

  • Localized COVID-19 Model & Scenario Planner predicts the impact of COVID-19 on a specific hospital or region, including new cases and capacity constraints. Designed for hospitals to optimize resources, the solution dynamically forecasts demand for Med-Surg beds, ICU beds, ventilators, and PPE based on most recent COVID-19 data for the local geography. The Scenario Planner has proven to be 2-3x more accurate in backtesting compared to existing models and is available free of charge at qventus.com/covid-19-model.
  • Critical Resource Mission Control provides visibility into key COVID-19 resources so that hospitals can effectively load balance across the facility or health system. It provides real time situational awareness for critical resources such as ICU beds, ventilators, and negative airflow isolation rooms. Integrated with Scenario Planner forecasts, the solution analyzes resource utilization in the background and automatically “nudges” key stakeholders to resolve predicted constraints.
  • ICU & Med-Surg Capacity Creation relieves pressure from ICUs and creates capacity in regular nursing (“Med-Surg”) units. With the surge placing severe strain on bed capacity, the CDC recommends hospitals develop strategies to increase bed availability. To help hospitals unlock critical care capacity, Qventus uses machine learning to generate early recommendations of ICU patients who can be transferred to nursing units. For downstream capacity creation, Qventus AI analyzes patients across nursing units to surface and prioritize discharge candidates for central review. This allows incident command centers to expedite discharge and unlock critically needed bed capacity without burdening frontline staff.
  • Length of Stay Optimization helps health systems across the nation create “virtual” capacity through length of stay reductions. With the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases estimating that COVID-19 will unlikely be eradicated this year, hospitals are preparing for ongoing capacity strain due to subsequent COVID-19 surges and elective procedure backlogs. The solution drives continuous focus on discharge optimization with AI-powered discharge planning, hardwired barrier resolution, and advanced process analytics for accountability management. Based on the proven Qventus Inpatient Solution, this offering enables hospitals to set scalable, sustainable process foundations to support future demand increases and reduce excess costs.

Qventus customers have already begun integrating these tools into their COVID-19 response. “The Qventus COVID-19 tools are critical to our pandemic strategy,” said Dustin Skaya, System Director of Patient Placement & Transfer at Marshfield Clinic. “We can quickly see where key resources will be falling short and how to get ahead of those constraints.”

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