Operational Excellence:
The Key to Success

New Innovations Reduce Length of Stay & Enhance Decision-Making

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Covid-19 has taken a significant financial toll on health systems. With the deferral and disappearance of elective surgery revenue, coupled with the loss of insurance for numerous patients, many systems are accelerating their push to achieve Medicare breakeven. Doing so will require higher revenues with the same or less staff — at the same time that the frontline is experiencing high levels of burnout.

In this environment, operational excellence is the key to not just surviving the next wave, but emerging as a stronger organization and competitor in the future.

Prepare to Weather the Perfect Storm


While the first half of 2020 was unprecedented, the second half could be even worse, with a confluence of headwinds including:


Operational Excellence Creates Value Now and in the Future

Optimizing operations allows health systems to accelerate throughput, reduce length of stay, and augment decisions to address short term demands and establish a strong foundation for the long term:

Increase revenues

Greater patient & elective case volumes

Reduce frontline burden

Real time predictions & automated processes

Decrease costs

Fewer excess days

Improve planning & execution

Scenario planning & automated escalations

Expand effective capacity

Reduce additional physical capacity need

Enhance patient care

Reduced care variability & lower HAIs

Reduce LOS to Increase Effective Capacity

Health systems that drive operational excellence can accelerate financial recovery, expand margins, and create additional effective capacity to mitigate the next wave.

Complete Suite for Planning & Automating Operations in the Covid Era

Covid Planning

Covid-19 Demand
Elective Surgery
PPE Supply
Post-Acute Demand

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Covid Command

Critical Resource Mission Control
ICU Capacity Creation
Med-Surg Capacity Creation

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Automated Operations

  • Inpatient
  • Emergency Department
  • System Operations
  • Perioperative

Automation Platform

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