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Qventus: Before and After {infographic blog}

Hospital emergency departments are busy and high-pressure places. Influxes of patient demand and lack of visibility into facility-wide operations present a number of challenges, particularly when directing available frontline employees and resources to the right place at the right time. Optimizing your operational workflow is necessary to drive real improvements for team members and patients.

ED Challenges

Operational dilemmas come from a variety of sources in the ED. Patients admitted to hospitals experience a significant amount of time waiting to be taken to their room, see a doctor and be sent home. These processes can frustrate anyone, causing some people to leave before they are seen. Surges of demand within the ED make it hard to prioritize individuals and ensure that each patient receives treatment. Frontline employees cannot quickly identify trends or direct efforts using legacy tools, causing backups.

AI to Improve Workflow

After implementing the Qventus platform to address specific operational process, one 336-bed acute care hospital saw major advancements to its operational workflows. Patients experienced significantly shorter wait times, enabling them to be seen and treated faster. The hospital was also able to reduce its LWBS rates and better manage surges in demand.

To see the real results that one hospital experienced, check out this infographic.

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