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Qventus and Fairview: Going Beyond “Command & Control”

Technology is letting providers down. We have world-class clinicians, world-class equipment and world-class therapies but reaching our full potential is often eclipsed by a lack of highly reliable operations.

The first step of digitization was focused on data entry into systems of record (like the electronic medical record – EMR – systems) and then came attempts to leverage it through graphs and reports. This approach has not been ideal.

Hospitals are highly complex environments — half the patients can come in unscheduled and the resources a patient needs are unpredictable. Frontline staff are too busy to sort through these information-dense platforms and extrapolate how to best adapt to the ever changing environment in front of them. This often results in a frustrated patient experience, exhausted care teams and operational inefficiencies.

We need to forge a new path. We need a system of action.

Consolidating information through a central command doesn’t work. The frontline environment is evolving too fast and is too complex. True transformation can only occur with the frontline at the center. A system of action should consider the countless decisions managers are facing, seamlessly surface key insights and then recommend the best way forward. It should empower them to adapt in real time.

Operational excellence can only be achieved by creating a shared consciousness throughout the entire organization. An ideal system of action learns from systems of records, evaluates decisions and empowers frontline teams to take decisive action.

I’m proud to announce that we’re partnering with Fairview Health Services to do just that, developing a Mission Control Center that will work across the 12-hospital Fairview system and drive action on the frontline. The center applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to harness data throughout the health system, in real-time and at scale.

Specifically, this effort will automate real-time coordination and escalation within each hospital and across the system, solving for bottlenecks in patient flow and process redundancies that can negatively impact patient experience, be exhausting for caregivers and costly for the organization.

Qventus will serve as a connective tissue, enabling teams to proactively anticipate issues and course correct before they occur. An industry first, we’ll put the decision-making strengths of the best managers into the hands of everyone. Teams will become faster, more flexible and more equipped to adapt to changing patient care needs.

Our effort will initially entail three years of collaboration focused on building Fairview a system of action to run optimal operations, get ahead of problems, and ensure patients are getting the resources they need, when they need them. Paramount to this collaboration is our shared vision for decentralized decision making and a strong commitment to shaping the future of healthcare.

As James Hereford, Fairview’s President and CEO shared, “I see this as one of the critical capabilities that needs to be put into place to transform the experience of our patients and our care teams and is part of a larger strategy to redefine how a care delivery system works.”

Our partnership will develop a comprehensive system that will lead the way for what’s possible. Leveraging AI to improve operational efficiencies, we’ll equip teams to better manage patient flow and workflows across the Emergency, Peri-Operative and In-Patient units. Together with Fairview, we’re building a future where technology solutions empower care teams to do their best work every single day, equating to a better experience for the frontline and their patients.

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