Covid-19 Planning Solutions

Plan for Revenue and Readiness in the “Next Normal”

Predict COVID-19 demand for your hospital with our free scenario planner

With local pandemic conditions evolving by the day, hospitals that have visibility into immediate surge needs and future resource strains can best equip themselves to meet Covid demand and optimize operations for the “next normal.”

Plan Through Initial and Future Stages of the Pandemic

Free Localized Model & Scenario Planner

Predict the impact of Covid-19 on your specific hospital with our SEIR and observed growth curve model that is 2-3x more accurate in backtesting compared to other models. Automatically updated with your latest local data, the scenario planner is being used by hundreds of hospitals to:

  • Predict Covid-19 hospitalizations and level of care needs for your hospitals or health system

  • Identify critical capacity constraints for Med-Surg, ICU, ventilator, and PPE resources

  • Evaluate the impact of social distancing, Covid resurgence, reduced length of stay, hospital staff infections, and other scenarios

Elective Surgery Planner

The Elective Surgery Planner helps you optimize your return to electives by forecasting available capacity for elective procedures, accounting for various operational strategies and evolving Covid-19 demand:

  • Dynamically updates Covid-19 demand forecasts over time based on Qventus Scenario Planner

  • Models case volumes possible given backfill strategy, risk tolerance, and available OR and inpatient capacity

  • Estimates PPE impact over time, including potential constraint on elective volumes

PPE Demand Planner

Proactively address PPE shortages and make data-driven conservation decisions by leveraging Covid demand forecasts to project PPE consumption across the hospital:

  • Accounts for Covid and non-Covid consumption across inpatient units, emergency departments, and operating rooms

  • Includes gloves, gowns, N95s, surgical masks, earloops, face shields, and Covid tests

  • Models shift-based, interaction-based, case-based, and patient-based PPE usage

Post-Acute Demand Planner

Predict daily Covid-19 discharge volumes to post-acute care facilities so that hospitals can plan ahead for discharge needs, reduce unnecessary bed utilization, and create capacity for new admits

  • Models PAC utilization for critical / non-critical patients using clinical proxies (ARDS, influenza) across 20M patients

  • Accounts for local demographics in projections

  • Automatically captures SNF capacity data at HRR level

Other Covid-19 Solutions

Covid Command

With greater confidence in your Covid-19 planning, equip your Incident Command Center with AI-based capacity creation capabilities, deployable in weeks so that you can rapidly expand effective capacity to mitigate constraints without adding staff.

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Automated Operations

As hospitals look to weather financial strains, staffing shortages, and resurgent Covid demand, Qventus supports long term operational transformation that expands effective capacity and can save an average health system tens of millions of dollars in operating expenses per year.

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