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Covid-19 Models & Tools

Please note that as of September 15, 2021, we have discontinued the Qventus COVID-19 Model and Scenario Planner, Elective Surgery Planner, Post Acute Demand Planner & PPE Demand Planner.

As background, the rise of the delta variant together with the complex dynamics by which it interacts with vaccinated populations, combined with a decrease in the availability of high quality data sources, have made local level modeling increasingly difficult, and we're no longer able to provide estimates at a suitable level of reliability. As an alternative, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) also provides a free Covid scenario model at a state level.

We appreciate the participation of the broader health care community in supporting the development of the Qventus Covid planning tools, whether through your questions, feedback, or active collaboration. We’re grateful that together, we were able to help over 1,100 organizations, from health systems, to local and state health departments, to the highest levels of the federal government, manage through the pandemic.

We continue to actively develop and support the Qventus platform and solutions for automating care operations, including solutions for Inpatient (reduce excess days), Perioperative (grow case volumes), Emergency Department (reduce ED LOS), and Command Center (achieve systemness). To learn more, please explore the preceding links or contact us directly at