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CB Insights Names Qventus One Of 2019’s 100 Most Innovative AI Startups

Every year, CB Insights releases its list of the 100 most promising companies in Artificial Intelligence. 

Today, I’m proud to share that Qventus was named to the third annual list.

While the honor itself is significant, it is particularly meaningful because Qventus didn’t throw its hat in the ring to get on this list.  Rather, we were recognized organically from CB Insight’s evidence-based approach. They select the 100 honorees from a field of more than 3,000 companies, examining factors such as patent activity, investor quality, news sentiment analysis, market potential, partnerships, competitive landscape, team strength, tech novelty and the overall health and growth potential of the company.

Honorees are disrupting every sector, including telecommunications, government, retail, finance and, of course, healthcare. The companies on the list are tackling issues from disaster management to cancer diagnosis to detecting fake news.

Being included with these other innovators is gratifying not only because our name is on the list; rather, it’s a nod that validates the significance of what we’re doing. We’re not just throwing more technology at healthcare and hoping our solution sticks where so many other companies have failed. Instead, we are combining artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with cutting-edge behavior science and change management services to make it easier for frontline hospital teams to effectively deliver high-quality patient care.

Hospitals are some of the most complex environments in any industry. There are few other sectors where teams have to deal with actual life-or-death problems, period, let alone on a daily—or hourly—basis. Half of patients come in unscheduled and with an unpredictable and demanding set of needs. One misstep can result in death or life-changing complications. As such, the necessary regulation and introduction of EMRs has only added to the cognitive workload of frontline hospital teams.  

Our solution helps these physicians, nurses and other frontline hospital staff work smarter, not harder. Our AI and ML-based system of action provides teams with insights on potential future issues and enables them to take action before they occur. This removes the cognitive burden of operational issues from teams, so that they can focus on delivering the best patient care.  

None of us came to Qventus with the goal of winning awards for our work. We all come to the office driven by the conviction that what we’re doing can help healthcare professionals excel at their jobs, and by extension, improve the experience for millions of patients. But being recognized for our efforts is a welcome trail marker on the climb to our goal at the summit.  

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