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Applying AI to Pharmacy Operations

We hope you celebrated Labor Day weekend with BBQs, outdoor activities and time with friends and families. Here at Qventus we preceded the long weekend by announcing our collaboration with Sutter Health to focus on pharmacy operations. 

Sutter Health is one of the top five large-health systems in the US. They will be using the Qventus’ artificial intelligence platform to better support patient’s pharmacutical needs and manage drug costs. Our work together will help determine instances where a pharmacist-led intervention may be needed to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate medications. The Qventus platform will also help pharmacists prioritize the neediest patients for drug consultation, which can help increase adherence, reduce errors and improve compliance. Sutter Health plans to utilize Qventus in 30 pharmacies across their system.

We are particularly excited to see some of the best health-tech journalists cover the news. You can read more details about our work with Sutter Health at CNBC or on TechCrunch.

At Qventus, our mission is to simplify how healthcare operates so that hospitals and caregivers can focus on delivering the best possible care to patients. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate operational decisions across the hospital, including emergency departments, perioperative areas, patient safety programs, inpatient and outpatient care and now, pharmacies too.

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