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The New Perioperative Growth Playbook: Six Winning Strategies Using Automation

Health systems across the country are redoubling their efforts to improve OR revenue — but manual processes prevent them from using personnel and facilities as effectively as they could.

Developing more resources is not a practical short-term answer. The only realistic answer for most organizations is to make the most of their existing resources.

Strategies Drive Growth Using Automation:

  1. UNLOCK OR TIME: Using machine learning to predict a month or more in advance specific times within blocks that are likely to go unused and incentivize release; proactively identifying and proposing alternative rooms for non-robotic cases scheduled in OR rooms with robots
  2. REDUCE SCHEDULING FRICTION: Enabling surgical schedulers to view and request OR time without logging into the EHR, and incorporating AI predictions for wheels-in/wheels-out case length based on a surgeon’s performance to improve scheduling accuracy
  3. STRATEGICALLY OFFER OR TIME: Automating machine learning-driven outreach to the best-fit surgeon for an available time based on practice patterns, past performance, and strategic goals — instead of filling available time on a first come, first serve basis


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With Qventus, our perioperative services are operating at peak efficiency and in a way that is more aligned with our strategic goals, which means increased revenue and a greater utilization of existing resources - all with less of a burden on our teams.
Jane Peck, COO & VP of Service Lines
Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City