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AI-based rapid response solutions to expand effective capacity

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With hospitals urgently looking to mitigate surge demand, Qventus Covid-19 capacity solutions can be deployed rapidly, in just weeks, to help Incident Command Centers find immediate opportunities to unlock capacity across the system – without adding to frontline burden.

From flattening the curve to expanding effective capacity with efficient patient flow


Slowing the spread of the pandemic can significantly reduce the strain on our health system. But beyond flattening the curve, hospitals can take additional measures to expand effective capacity by optimizing patient flow. In fact, in many locations, efficient patient flow can actually create a significant amount of capacity to satisfy COVID-19 demand – without requiring additional staff.


Incident Command Solutions for Rapid Capacity Creation

  • Critical Resource Mission Control

    Gain real time visibility into critical resources for rapid load balancing

  • ICU Capacity Creation

    Relieve pressure from ICUs by prioritizing key patients for stepdown

  • Med-Surg Capacity Creation

    Expedite discharge for clinically ready patients to create downstream capacity

Critical Resource Mission Control

Qventus creates real time visibility for critical resources so that teams can rapidly orchestrate action and load-balance to mitigate constraints:

  • Real time situational awareness across multiple altitudes (facility and system) for negative airflow isolation, ventilators, ICU beds, and more

  • Covid-19 Scenario Planner forecasts integrated to identify and predict resource shortages

  • Automated real time nudges to resolve capacity constraints and load balance across the organization

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ICU Capacity Creation

Up to one third of ICU patients are ready to step down 8-12 hours before transfer orders are placed, but Incident Command Centers typically have limited visibility into these opportunities. Qventus relieves pressure from ICUs by intelligently prioritizing patients for stepdown:

  • ML-driven early recommendations of ICU patients ready for stepdown (~90% of early stepdown candidates)

  • Clear visibility into stepdown barriers so that physicians can review and expedite transfers

  • Automated real time nudges to surface potential delayed stepdowns

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Med-Surg Capacity Creation

With traditional discharge processes heavily strained during a pandemic, Qventus allows Incident Command Centers to identify discharge opportunities across the facility for teams to expedite and rapidly unlock needed capacity:

  • Daily ML-prioritized discharge lists to identify top Med-Surg candidates – up to 25% more accurately than traditional discharge planning

  • High priority discharge opportunities to unlock key resources such as ventilators, negative airflow rooms, and telemetry beds

  • Automated real time nudges to surface supply & demand mismatches and potential discharge delays

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Other Covid-19 Solutions

Covid-19 Planning

Stay ahead of the curve so that you know what’s coming. Qventus planning solutions allow you to plan through initial and future stages of the pandemic so that you can predict Covid demand for your specific hospital and devise strategies for your elective surgery restart, PPE conservation, and post-acute care demand.

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Automated Operations

As hospitals look to weather financial strains, staffing shortages, and resurgent Covid demand, Qventus supports long term operational transformation that expands effective capacity and can save an average health system tens of millions of dollars in operating expenses per year.

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