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Covid-19 Custom Planning Product Spotlight: Elective Surgeries, PPE, & Post-Acute Demand

We are thrilled to introduce custom Covid planning products that address the current and future stages of the pandemic, including planning for PPE consumption, post-acute care needs, and the reopening of elective surgeries.

Please view this on-demand webinar where Qventus VP of Product Jeff Mounzer will walk through these new custom planning modules in more detail.

  • PPE Demand Planner – allows hospitals to proactively address PPE shortages and make data-driven conservation decisions by projecting consumption of PPE (gloves, gowns, N95 masks, surgical masks, and face shields) across inpatient units, emergency departments, and operating rooms
  • Post-Acute Care Demand Planner – predicts Covid-19 discharge volumes to post-acute facilities so that hospitals can plan ahead for discharge needs, reduce unnecessary bed utilization, and create capacity for new admits
  • Elective Surgery Planner – informs how and when individual hospitals can responsibly restore elective surgeries by forecasting evolving pandemic demand as well as staffing and PPE needs to support case volumes

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  • Jeff-Mounzer

    Jeff Mounzer

    Qventus Chief Product Officer