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Using AI & Automation to Drive Action: From Command Centers to the Front Line

How Saint Luke’s Health System Extended their EHR with New Predictive Capabilities

As health systems face pressure to integrate health care delivery and drive operational efficiency system-wide, many leaders are pursuing command center strategies. But too often these projects are unsuccessful due to EHR limitations and a high reliance on manual efforts.

In this webinar, discover how Saint Luke’s Health System has taken a new, cutting-edge approach using AI to automatically predict issues and orchestrate resolution — from the command center to the front line.

By augmenting their EHR with new predictive capabilities, Saint Luke’s has streamlined care progression processes, improved load-balancing of capacity, and optimized post-acute placement across the system. As a result, they have eliminated thousands of excess hospital stay days and created a significant amount of new bed capacity.

In this session you will learn how to: 

  • Complement your EHR with AI, machine learning and behavioral science
  • Decrease excess days by 50-90% using real-time automation
  • Reduce manual burden and support your front-line teams
  • Hardwire and connect care processes at the patient, facility, and system level
  • Optimize throughput across your system


  • Deborah Gash

    Saint Luke's Health System SVP, Chief Digital Officer
  • Anthony Fangman

    MD, MBA Saint Luke's Health System Division Chair, Hospital Medicine
  • Mudit-Garg

    Mudit Garg

    Qventus Co-Founder & CEO