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Success Story - M Health Fairview

Launched the new System Operations Center and transformed patient flow in ED and inpatient settings

  • 2x increase in morning discharges
  • 8-11% Reduction in LOS within first year
  • Launched System Operations Center powered by Qventus
  • Improved patient experience to focus on consumer-centricity

About M Health Fairview

  • Award winning, non-profit, integrated health system in Minneapolis, MN
  • 12 hospitals and medical centers
  • Top ten health care systems in the US identified by Thomson Reuters
  • In 2019, M Health Fairview partnership formed between Fairview, the University of Minnesota, and University of Minnesota Physicians

M Health Fairview’s Vision for Health Transformation

M Health Fairview’s Vision for Health Transformation

As a growing system, M Health Fairview needed to transform system operations.

In order to fulfill its brand promise to deliver breakthrough healthcare and a consumer-centric experience, M Health Fairview knew that it would be critical to optimize patient flow.

Leaders needed a system that harnessed the power of AI and automation and optimized operations at all levels of the enterprise — at the system, facility, and unit level.

Partnering with Qventus, M Health Fairview launched a state-of-the-art System Operations Center that is interconnected with inpatient and ED operations across the system to optimize patient flow.

M Health Lessons for Leading Health System Transformation

Lessons for Leading Health System Transformation

M Health Fairview now proactively manages morning discharges system-wide.

To optimize capacity throughout the day, leadership charged hospital and unit leaders with a goal of discharging at least two clinically ready patients before 11am. But without a system in place, this was hard for frontline teams to operationalize, and even harder for leadership to measure.

Qventus Expert Services partnered with teams to stand up new multidisciplinary discharge planning rounds. By hardwiring the standard work with Qventus technology, teams had a consistent approach across the system.

Not only did the vanguard launch sites see 8-11% decreases in LOS within the first year, but morning discharges also increased by 2x.

With Qventus, our culture has changed for the better. Nurses now know that if they get their patients out in time, they’ll have time back at the bedside to balance with other patients.
ICU Nurse
M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital

M Health Fairview is unlocking system-wide capacity through automation.

To truly unlock capacity and better serve the needs of the community, patient flow needed to be optimized across the system.

In 2019, M Health Fairview launched the System Operations Center (SOC), powered by Qventus.

In addition to providing system-wide situational awareness on operational issues, the SOC will proactively optimize patient admissions and transfers, as well as enable leaders to help resolve discharge barriers across the system.