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Actionable Insights to Grow your Practice

Leverage referral sources, market trends, and procedure data to enable strategic, data-driven decisions.

There’s no shortage of healthcare data, but knowing what data matters and having the tools to analyze it remains a challenge. Not anymore. The Qventus platform ingests data from your EHR and layers on billions of data points of exclusive claims data to create a comprehensive view of your practice and your market. The platform also provides customizable dashboards that make it easy to surface actionable insights and make sense of all that data.

  • Market Intelligence

    • Easily identify trends and opportunities in the overall procedural market
    • Understand your market share for specific procedures, including 12-month forecast
    • See case growth/loss month-over-month by patient origin, Core-Based Statistical Area (CBSA), and specialty

  • Referral Network Integrity

    • See what percent of referrals from your system stay in your system, for PCPs and specialist referrals
    • Learn what percent of cases are lost by Referrers or PCPs referring out of system, and see trends over time
    • For each PCP, see what percent of cases were referred in-system vs out-of-system

  • Growth & Performance Metrics

    • Easily view key metrics like your top procedures by volume, block utilization, on-time starts, and same day cancellations
    • Compare metrics across surgeons to better understand performance

Leverage the nation’s broadest, most powerful and up-to-date claims dataset, available exclusively from Qventus

  • Highlight opportunities to strengthen existing referral patterns including at-risk referral streams
  • Uncover opportunities to create new referral streams from new providers, surgeons exiting the market, and other referral sources
  • Understand your market position, market trends and market leader gaps to inform growth strategy

Confidently Grow Your Practice

Easily answer important questions like:

  • Where in my referral stream are are the weak points that need reinforcing?

  • Which referring providers should I focus on to maximize my share of cases?

  • How do I grow my volume of a specific case type?

  • How do I protect referral streams of my retiring colleagues?

  • Where do I rank in the market for different types of cases?

  • What should I focus on consolidating to become #1?

More Than Just Insights. Much More.

The Qventus Perioperative Solution was designed to transform surgical operations.


Proven Outcomes

With Qventus’ Perioperative Solution, leading ORs have been able to achieve impressive results.


  • 3+ cases added per OR per month
  • $15m+ Annual revenue impact from case growth, per facility


  • 7+ Days increased lead time from proactive release
  • >50% Utilization of released blocks otherwise likely unused


  • 35% Robotic cases
  • 11% Decrease in non-robotic cases in robotic rooms


  • 7% More cases
  • 20% Fewer ORs

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