The Problem With Analytics

Big data and analytics once held the promise of using information to transform hospital operations. What happened?

Today’s clinical teams and administrators have countless dashboards and reports. Despite all the information at their fingertips, they are often forced to make crucial operational decisions with incomplete insight.


Transform Data Into Action that Gets Results

It’s often hard for healthcare teams to know which data to look at and what decision to make, especially during high pressure situations. This leads to process failures, inefficiency and missed opportunities to provide the best possible care.

Qventus solves this problem with technology that closes the gap between analytics and action. The platform helps hospital teams respond to their dynamic environments and make better operational decisions in real-time.






How it Works

Qventus uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to translate messy healthcare data into immediate, accurate, and actionable decisions for clinical teams and staff. The platform accurately predicts issues, recommends course corrections and helps frontline teams take the right actions, in real-time. Qventus can be used across the hospital including emergency departments, perioperative units and inpatient wards.

Platform for the Enterprise

Hospitals have many systems but they lack a platform that makes its mountains of data meaningful. They have systems of record with EMRs and systems of display that offer retrospective data in the form of dashboards, charts and reports. Until now, there hasn’t been a system of action that helps them translate the data and insights into the right decisions.

Qventus is the enterprise platform designed for the modern hospital. As the system of action, we provide a layer of logic that breaks down silos between departments and helps hospitals respond to their ever-changing environments. We enable a robust culture of teamwork that leads to greater hospital efficiency and exceptional patient care.

The Power of Being Proactive

Qventus goes further than analytics.

Watch how we make it easier for healthcare teams to prevent operational issues that interfere with their ability to deliver care.

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