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How M Health Fairview improved OR utilization & scheduling using automation

As a perioperative leader, you’re facing a “perfect storm” of challenges due to staffing shortages, pent-up demand for OR time, and financial pressures. What new strategies can you use to optimize existing resources while simultaneously preventing burnout? 

During this webinar, discover how M Health Fairview uses AI-powered automation software to increase OR prime time & block utilization, improve staffing predictability, and grow high-value cases — despite having fewer available staff and ORs. By automating OR scheduling processes, the health system reduced workload for schedulers, improved OR access for surgeons, and added millions to their bottom line. 

Learn how you can:

  • Grow each OR by 2+ cases per month
  • Maximize use of prime time slots
  • Identify blocks for release 30 days in advance
  • Reduce scheduler calls by 40%
  • Increase revenue by $10M+ per facility

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  • Matthew Wise

    M Health Fairview Manager Businesses Operations Perioperative Services
  • David Atashroo

    MD Qventus Director of Perioperative Solutions